Venue & Hotels


    Hotel "Sheraton Metechi Palace",Tbilisi 







Info about hotels in the neighborhood of the venue:

     HOTEL                                                 WEB SAITE                                      SINGLE ROOM                                  DOUBLE ROOM 


 Hotel "Hotel “Ambassador”


  154-250 USD


   177-218 USD


  Hotel "Sheraton-Metechi-Palace"



  180-250 USD


  180-250 USD 


 Hotel "Old Tbilisi"





  150-205 USD


 Hotel "GTM -KAPAN"



  60-150 USD


 60-150 USD


  Hotel "Old Metekhi"  



 80-200 USD


 100-200 USD


 Hotel "Kopala"



  70-200 Euro


 70-200 Euro


   Hotel "Irmeni"




  50-130 USD


  50-130 USD

 You can find other hotels via internet:  

Deadline for hotel reservation by our organizing committee is September 1, 2010. After the date we can't guarantee availability of free rooms in hotel, since October 23 is also celebration of Tbilisi "Tbilisoba"and many visitors will attend the event.  


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